What’s in your Head or Mindset? What’s your UCL?

What’s in your head? What’s your Best Mindset? What’s your UCL?

As with anything new that I endeavor to embark on, I often get hecklers and neigh sayers who ask the question, “What’s in your head?” (or something like that, usually it includes the words like “Crazy” “Lunacy” etc).  My favorite is “What makes you think you can do that?”  I always ignore them but it got me to thinking.  Why do I succeed where so many others fail or quit? The answer simply comes down to having Your Best Mindset and overcoming your UCL’s .

First let me describe the type of person who asks those kinds of questions. Most of the time they come from someone who has absolutely no vision or goals, carrying a narrow perspective on life, they have very little self worth and no self motivation working in what they know to be a dead end job and obviously enjoy living in the rut they’ve made for themselves. They are always complaining but will never work to get themselves out of it (even though there is a way and I will show you all about that later in this article). With that premise in mind, my blog today is to help you understand that “what is in your head” or “on your mind” and “what you put into it”  absolutely will predict your future and if used correctly can ward off the assailants and those pessimists who are spewing crap all over you, (or throwing some other fiery darts at you). They hang over your left shoulder trying to steal your dreams and crush you back down to their level.  They want to control you and what you can become.  Be warned, they are not your conscience, they are your blockade and likely one of your UCL’s (Universal Challenge Lines).  They must be ignored if you ever hope to change where you are and get to where you need to be in life and in success (whatever you determine that to be).

Let me talk for a moment about the last item I spoke of in my title, the “UCL” or Universal Challenge Line.  The first thing to know about a UCL is that it is a real thing and it stops most people from achieving any level of success or greatness. That being said, just because it is real does not mean you cannot over come it and push through it.  It depends on you and where your best mindset is.  (More on that in a moment) There are endless examples of UCL’s and they are different for everyone.  However, the solution is exactly the same for every UCL.  Examples of UCL’s may include but not limited to, fears, doubts, excuses, lack of experience, lack of self worth, feelings of inadequacies, growing pains, discomfort by stepping outside your ‘comfort zone’, doing only what is easy or familiar, possibility of failure and/or listening to others who crap on you, etc. The list is endless.

As you may have read in an earlier blog post of mine about “Buckets And Pipelines” (I recommend you read it for more info on this topic),  you learned about doing something different.  Albert Einstein is quoted saying that the true definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. If you are doing the same things over and over again and not getting where or what you want to have or to be in life then you NEED to do something different, regardless of what the neigh sayers are telling you.  Hear me out for moment.  Would you invest money with a guy who is always losing it, but promising you great returns if you just stick with him long enough and he continually has his hand out to get more from you?  Well, I sure wouldn’t and it shouldn’t be hard to see that one I’m sure. (Besides, next thing you know the guy is retiring and you wonder where your money really went. Hummm)  Another example might include: Not listening to the neigh sayers.  Instead, read a good book (or my blogs) to reprogram your thinking, maybe take a business mastery training course with Colin Sprake (ask me about these and I can send you in the right direction. He is awesome and really knows his stuff).  There you’ll learn how your personal Hard Drive works in your mind and use it to move forward and not let it hold you back anymore.  The only one stopping you from achieving massive success in anything you put your mind to is you and that thing 3 feet about your butt (that would be the space that is between your ears.)  However, and this is MOST important, your head is only one part of you, it’s not you.

That being said,  again, your mind is not the only thing you have to work on.  The other major element of your body is your heart.  Your HEART is even more important then your mind.  Let me explain.  The heart doesn’t think, it feels.  Because it doesn’t think it cannot lead you astray. It treasures and carries inside itself your goals, dreams and desires and if you’re not receiving all of your dreams, goals, desires, etc it’s often because your mind is talking you out of them.  Simply put, your mind (doing it’s job) tries to think of things rationally.  It tries to figure out how to get things done in the way it feels it should. However, your mind does not have the ability to feel so it will lead you the only way it knows how, in the most comfortable, easy path, and likely to where you currently are. Which is to say, for most people, is  NO WHERE. The KEY is this.  Only by getting your heart and mind working together in harmony can you ever expect to move forward and push thought the UCL’s to where your goals and dreams can be realized.

Ever wondered where some of the most influential people on the planet would be today if somebody else got into their head and stopped them with a UCL?  Let’s look at a couple for example. First, (and not the most important by any means),  where would someone like Donald Trump be today if somebody speaking negativity was constantly spewing crap over his shoulder all the time? Would he have ever mustered the millions, even billions of dollars over his lifetime that he has thus far? Would he have or could he ever have dreamed it was possible to become the Pres. of United States, to be in command of one of the most powerful positions on the planet?  The answer is emphatically No, he wouldn’t. (I’m not going to talk of his politics today, only just the fact that he wouldn’t even be known by anyone at all if he’d listened or quit.)
Ok,  here’s another case in point.  How about Steve Jobs. Would he have been a success from his humble start working from his garage to build a simple computer almost anybody could use? These are people who constantly had someone speaking noise over their shoulder, who weren’t mentors.  No, they were merely malingering dream snatchers, not the catchers of vision.  I  wouldn’t be typing on this MAC computer, or have an iPod for my music, an iPad for my reading or have my awesome iPhone with my iWatch which has more computing power then the first Apollo landing craft. If Steve and/or Donald listened to the neigh sayers or if their heart and mind weren’t working together, if they had not busted through their UCL’s,  your life and mine would be very different.  “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice,” says Steve Jobs. Also, “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition (mind). They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Remember that UCL’s can be anything, and often come right out of the blue and seem to hit you like a brick up the side of your head. It’s at this very moment and at this point that this situation you find yourself in will define you. Turning around and going back to a place you know to be safe is easy.  The hard thing to do and most rewarding is to move forward though the UCL.  I promise you that if you do push through it and head toward your goal that you will succeed. I know because I’ve done it.  I also understand it might be very scary and frightening because I’ve been there and done that too.  Jamie Fox said “What is on the other side of fear, if I push through this?….Nothing!”  In other words, release your fears, the door is already open.  You just have to choose to believe and step through it.

In conclusion, are you ready to get your head on straight and tie your heart together with it to achieve massive success? (It doesn’t take a mind meld.) If so, then there is one last concept you need to understand. This is the toughest one to remember and it’s even harder to believe that it even exists, but it does.  It really does.

This is the concept of the Universal Shipper/Receiver (or at least as I’ve come to understand it to be called). This one I’ll have to explain however the concept is quite simple.  In fact, it is so simple that many people have come to believe that it’s not even possible to be out there.  They’ve been conditioned and programmed to deny its very existence. However, the Universal Shipper/Receiver (UnS/R) is out there and you already have the ability to access it whenever you wish.  The Universal S/R is constantly monitoring your thoughts, words, and actions. It’s sole purpose is to deliver whatever requests you make of it. For example, If you’re doing positive things, reading positive books, putting out positive vibes, speaking positively and only using progressive statements, the Universal Shipper/Receiver will send you more of the same. However, the opposite is true, that if you are negative, constantly complaining how broke you are,  not trying to do anything to increase your self worth etc, then the universal shipper/receiver sees that and will send you more of the same. Write this down, “What you are most focused on you will receive!” Now, I’m sure a few of you are shouting BS at me and that’s ok, because you will still be the ones in the same place you are today in 5 years down the road.  However, a few of you will be wondering if this is truly possible.  To those few who wish to experiment upon my words then I challenge you to do so. (I get nothing from telling you this, I have seen it happen time and time again.  It happens)

Here’s is the simple truth of it all.  Your heart knows of and believes in the UnS/R.  Your mind may not.  (Remember, your heart and mind must be in sync to move forward in your life.) First thing to do to experiment on this concept is remove certain words from your vocabulary, such as “Try” “When” “Worry” “Can’t”.  Those are limiting words or ideas.  They must go. Master Yoda said, “Do or do not.  There is no try”.  Also, I say if your line is, “When such n’ such happens then I’ll do it.” That means you are not committed to what you’re doing. A perfect example of this are the people with gym memberships, they are Interested in fitness, however, those who are in the gym are committed to it. Also there’s, “I worry about making it happen.”  Then it never will happen according to the UnS/R. (it’ll send more worry because that’s what you’re focused on.) “Can’t be done by me.”  Whether you think you can or cannot do it you are right every time.  I’m not telling anyone anything you haven’t already heard before.  I’ve only focused them together here in one place for your benefit. The Universal Shipper/Receiver will send you whatever you send in as a request. Example (to be clear): You say “I can’t do it”.  UnS/R says “Send more CAN’T” and the delivery never fails. You get more “can’t”!  But what if you would happen to send “I CAN do this”The UnS/R WILL send more “CAN”. THIS IS A FACT!!  Disbelieve it if you like and you will remain comfortable, broke and depressed right where you are now for many more years to come. Some are satisfied with this. If this is you, I don’t care.  I’ve given you the tools and the facts.  You are the one to choose for yourself, your family and your future. This isn’t rocket science. I’m not going to force you to do anything. “Only the facts ma’am.”
For those who desire to change things keep reading.  For those who have already shut off I’ll say goodbye and thanks for stopping by and I’ll send a new topic the next time I write in a few days.  Please stop back.

Now, to everyone else wanting change, the answer is simple even though the work to remind yourself to keep moving is….. well, it’s worth it.

Here is the solution for getting your head (mind) and your heart together as one voice. Everyone has a personal “Hard Drive” in them. Everything you say, do, think etc is recorded and programmed UNFILTERED to this hard drive.
The hard drive doesn’t care what you put on it. It’s just a hard drive. However, garbage in equals more garbage out.  Anyone who operates a computer KNOWS this.  That being said, the opposite is true too.
Success in equals more success out. I can teach you what you need to do for success.  I am already successful so I know.

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I’ll be posting on YouTube this week also.

In closing here are a couple thoughts.  First, answer the following questions honestly.

  1. Are you where you want to be in life, living the lifestyle you want by earning the money you desire and taking the time off to do whatever you wish when you want?  Y/N (If you answered NO, then we need to talk)
  2. Do you have the ability to be Committed vs being Interested, Results based vs giving excuses, Reward focused vs stagnation and are you ready for growth even if there might be temporary growing pains?  Y/N(If you answered YES then we need to talk)
  3. Are you ready to change what you’ve been doing for massive success this very year?  Y/N

(If you answered YES then I will make you one of my leaders*)

Second, think about these quotes:

“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” – David Brinkley

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”  – John Wayne

“Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.” – Robert Kiyosaki

“The best thing money can buy is financial freedom.” – ME

Without true freedom you have nothing. Only you can choose for you.  If not today when and will when ever come?



email: JoinShopSaveShare@yahoo.com

My motto: Do today what others won’t so tomorrow you can do what other’s can’t.

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