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What’s in your Head or Mindset? What’s your UCL?

What’s in your head? What’s your Best Mindset? What’s your UCL?

As with anything new that I endeavor to embark on, I often get hecklers and neigh sayers who ask the question, “What’s in your head?” (or something like that, usually it includes the words like “Crazy” “Lunacy” etc).  My favorite is “What makes you think you can do that?”  I always ignore them but it got me to thinking.  Why do I succeed where so many others fail or quit? The answer simply comes down to having Your Best Mindset and overcoming your UCL’s .

First let me describe the type of person who asks those kinds of questions. Most of the time they come from someone who has absolutely no vision or goals, carrying a narrow perspective on life, they have very little self worth and no self motivation working in what they know to be a dead end job and obviously enjoy living in the rut they’ve made for themselves. They are always complaining but will never work to get themselves out of it (even though there is a way and I will show you all about that later in this article). With that premise in mind, my blog today is to help you understand that “what is in your head” or “on your mind” and “what you put into it”  absolutely will predict your future and if used correctly can ward off the assailants and those pessimists who are spewing crap all over you, (or throwing some other fiery darts at you). They hang over your left shoulder trying to steal your dreams and crush you back down to their level.  They want to control you and what you can become.  Be warned, they are not your conscience, they are your blockade and likely one of your UCL’s (Universal Challenge Lines).  They must be ignored if you ever hope to change where you are and get to where you need to be in life and in success (whatever you determine that to be).

Let me talk for a moment about the last item I spoke of in my title, the “UCL” or Universal Challenge Line.  The first thing to know about a UCL is that it is a real thing and it stops most people from achieving any level of success or greatness. That being said, just because it is real does not mean you cannot over come it and push through it.  It depends on you and where your best mindset is.  (More on that in a moment) There are endless examples of UCL’s and they are different for everyone.  However, the solution is exactly the same for every UCL.  Examples of UCL’s may include but not limited to, fears, doubts, excuses, lack of experience, lack of self worth, feelings of inadequacies, growing pains, discomfort by stepping outside your ‘comfort zone’, doing only what is easy or familiar, possibility of failure and/or listening to others who crap on you, etc. The list is endless.

As you may have read in an earlier blog post of mine about “Buckets And Pipelines” (I recommend you read it for more info on this topic),  you learned about doing something different.  Albert Einstein is quoted saying that the true definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. If you are doing the same things over and over again and not getting where or what you want to have or to be in life then you NEED to do something different, regardless of what the neigh sayers are telling you.  Hear me out for moment.  Would you invest money with a guy who is always losing it, but promising you great returns if you just stick with him long enough and he continually has his hand out to get more from you?  Well, I sure wouldn’t and it shouldn’t be hard to see that one I’m sure. (Besides, next thing you know the guy is retiring and you wonder where your money really went. Hummm)  Another example might include: Not listening to the neigh sayers.  Instead, read a good book (or my blogs) to reprogram your thinking, maybe take a business mastery training course with Colin Sprake (ask me about these and I can send you in the right direction. He is awesome and really knows his stuff).  There you’ll learn how your personal Hard Drive works in your mind and use it to move forward and not let it hold you back anymore.  The only one stopping you from achieving massive success in anything you put your mind to is you and that thing 3 feet about your butt (that would be the space that is between your ears.)  However, and this is MOST important, your head is only one part of you, it’s not you.

That being said,  again, your mind is not the only thing you have to work on.  The other major element of your body is your heart.  Your HEART is even more important then your mind.  Let me explain.  The heart doesn’t think, it feels.  Because it doesn’t think it cannot lead you astray. It treasures and carries inside itself your goals, dreams and desires and if you’re not receiving all of your dreams, goals, desires, etc it’s often because your mind is talking you out of them.  Simply put, your mind (doing it’s job) tries to think of things rationally.  It tries to figure out how to get things done in the way it feels it should. However, your mind does not have the ability to feel so it will lead you the only way it knows how, in the most comfortable, easy path, and likely to where you currently are. Which is to say, for most people, is  NO WHERE. The KEY is this.  Only by getting your heart and mind working together in harmony can you ever expect to move forward and push thought the UCL’s to where your goals and dreams can be realized.

Ever wondered where some of the most influential people on the planet would be today if somebody else got into their head and stopped them with a UCL?  Let’s look at a couple for example. First, (and not the most important by any means),  where would someone like Donald Trump be today if somebody speaking negativity was constantly spewing crap over his shoulder all the time? Would he have ever mustered the millions, even billions of dollars over his lifetime that he has thus far? Would he have or could he ever have dreamed it was possible to become the Pres. of United States, to be in command of one of the most powerful positions on the planet?  The answer is emphatically No, he wouldn’t. (I’m not going to talk of his politics today, only just the fact that he wouldn’t even be known by anyone at all if he’d listened or quit.)
Ok,  here’s another case in point.  How about Steve Jobs. Would he have been a success from his humble start working from his garage to build a simple computer almost anybody could use? These are people who constantly had someone speaking noise over their shoulder, who weren’t mentors.  No, they were merely malingering dream snatchers, not the catchers of vision.  I  wouldn’t be typing on this MAC computer, or have an iPod for my music, an iPad for my reading or have my awesome iPhone with my iWatch which has more computing power then the first Apollo landing craft. If Steve and/or Donald listened to the neigh sayers or if their heart and mind weren’t working together, if they had not busted through their UCL’s,  your life and mine would be very different.  “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice,” says Steve Jobs. Also, “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition (mind). They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Remember that UCL’s can be anything, and often come right out of the blue and seem to hit you like a brick up the side of your head. It’s at this very moment and at this point that this situation you find yourself in will define you. Turning around and going back to a place you know to be safe is easy.  The hard thing to do and most rewarding is to move forward though the UCL.  I promise you that if you do push through it and head toward your goal that you will succeed. I know because I’ve done it.  I also understand it might be very scary and frightening because I’ve been there and done that too.  Jamie Fox said “What is on the other side of fear, if I push through this?….Nothing!”  In other words, release your fears, the door is already open.  You just have to choose to believe and step through it.

In conclusion, are you ready to get your head on straight and tie your heart together with it to achieve massive success? (It doesn’t take a mind meld.) If so, then there is one last concept you need to understand. This is the toughest one to remember and it’s even harder to believe that it even exists, but it does.  It really does.

This is the concept of the Universal Shipper/Receiver (or at least as I’ve come to understand it to be called). This one I’ll have to explain however the concept is quite simple.  In fact, it is so simple that many people have come to believe that it’s not even possible to be out there.  They’ve been conditioned and programmed to deny its very existence. However, the Universal Shipper/Receiver (UnS/R) is out there and you already have the ability to access it whenever you wish.  The Universal S/R is constantly monitoring your thoughts, words, and actions. It’s sole purpose is to deliver whatever requests you make of it. For example, If you’re doing positive things, reading positive books, putting out positive vibes, speaking positively and only using progressive statements, the Universal Shipper/Receiver will send you more of the same. However, the opposite is true, that if you are negative, constantly complaining how broke you are,  not trying to do anything to increase your self worth etc, then the universal shipper/receiver sees that and will send you more of the same. Write this down, “What you are most focused on you will receive!” Now, I’m sure a few of you are shouting BS at me and that’s ok, because you will still be the ones in the same place you are today in 5 years down the road.  However, a few of you will be wondering if this is truly possible.  To those few who wish to experiment upon my words then I challenge you to do so. (I get nothing from telling you this, I have seen it happen time and time again.  It happens)

Here’s is the simple truth of it all.  Your heart knows of and believes in the UnS/R.  Your mind may not.  (Remember, your heart and mind must be in sync to move forward in your life.) First thing to do to experiment on this concept is remove certain words from your vocabulary, such as “Try” “When” “Worry” “Can’t”.  Those are limiting words or ideas.  They must go. Master Yoda said, “Do or do not.  There is no try”.  Also, I say if your line is, “When such n’ such happens then I’ll do it.” That means you are not committed to what you’re doing. A perfect example of this are the people with gym memberships, they are Interested in fitness, however, those who are in the gym are committed to it. Also there’s, “I worry about making it happen.”  Then it never will happen according to the UnS/R. (it’ll send more worry because that’s what you’re focused on.) “Can’t be done by me.”  Whether you think you can or cannot do it you are right every time.  I’m not telling anyone anything you haven’t already heard before.  I’ve only focused them together here in one place for your benefit. The Universal Shipper/Receiver will send you whatever you send in as a request. Example (to be clear): You say “I can’t do it”.  UnS/R says “Send more CAN’T” and the delivery never fails. You get more “can’t”!  But what if you would happen to send “I CAN do this”The UnS/R WILL send more “CAN”. THIS IS A FACT!!  Disbelieve it if you like and you will remain comfortable, broke and depressed right where you are now for many more years to come. Some are satisfied with this. If this is you, I don’t care.  I’ve given you the tools and the facts.  You are the one to choose for yourself, your family and your future. This isn’t rocket science. I’m not going to force you to do anything. “Only the facts ma’am.”
For those who desire to change things keep reading.  For those who have already shut off I’ll say goodbye and thanks for stopping by and I’ll send a new topic the next time I write in a few days.  Please stop back.

Now, to everyone else wanting change, the answer is simple even though the work to remind yourself to keep moving is….. well, it’s worth it.

Here is the solution for getting your head (mind) and your heart together as one voice. Everyone has a personal “Hard Drive” in them. Everything you say, do, think etc is recorded and programmed UNFILTERED to this hard drive.
The hard drive doesn’t care what you put on it. It’s just a hard drive. However, garbage in equals more garbage out.  Anyone who operates a computer KNOWS this.  That being said, the opposite is true too.
Success in equals more success out. I can teach you what you need to do for success.  I am already successful so I know.

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I’ll be posting on YouTube this week also.

In closing here are a couple thoughts.  First, answer the following questions honestly.

  1. Are you where you want to be in life, living the lifestyle you want by earning the money you desire and taking the time off to do whatever you wish when you want?  Y/N (If you answered NO, then we need to talk)
  2. Do you have the ability to be Committed vs being Interested, Results based vs giving excuses, Reward focused vs stagnation and are you ready for growth even if there might be temporary growing pains?  Y/N(If you answered YES then we need to talk)
  3. Are you ready to change what you’ve been doing for massive success this very year?  Y/N

(If you answered YES then I will make you one of my leaders*)

Second, think about these quotes:

“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” – David Brinkley

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”  – John Wayne

“Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.” – Robert Kiyosaki

“The best thing money can buy is financial freedom.” – ME

Without true freedom you have nothing. Only you can choose for you.  If not today when and will when ever come?




My motto: Do today what others won’t so tomorrow you can do what other’s can’t.

The “BE Attitudes” for 2017 or anytime!

You know, life can be interesting. It’s no secret that some days are harder than others and some years seem to be harder as well. Now that 2016 is behind us I’m finding that maybe it was a little harder year then I would’ve liked. However I think it’s all in your attitude towards it.

2016 started off in January, as every year starts, with hopes and dreams for a successful, prosperous and wonderful year. You plan what direction you hope the year might take and dream of the possibilities it will bring. You think of your family, your career, the opportunities,  summer vacations, milestone birthdays, and the holidays as you go month-to-month pushing through the calendar of how you hope the year might turn out.

When January came last year, I knew I was already planning, and had in the works, the joy of having open-heart surgery. It was supposed to be in January, however, I got bumped. Actually this was okay. (again my good attitude) That meant that somebody else needed my surgery slot right away in order to save a life and I can understand that. My surgery, so I was told, was critical and needed to be done sooner than later but I can’t help thinking that I got bumped because somebody’s mother, father, brother or sister, aunt or uncle (or whomever)  needed that appointment time more than I and so I got bumped. And again I’m okay with that.

So February came along. (February 1st to be exact) and I went under the knife for open heart surgery and ended up having to have a double bypass done on my heart. Having surgery for anybody is a downright stressful event regardless of what it is for. And for your heart, where you know full well they’re going to stop your heart, collapse your lungs (so that things aren’t bouncing around inside your chest while trying to do the rewiring) finding the arteries in your chest cavity that they can use to rewire the heart, and then in the end, try to get it all started again.  All the while hoping you don’t die on the table or that the machines that are breathing for you, cleaning and pumping your blood around the rest of your body to keep you alive aren’t going to kill you by causing a blood clot or some other issue on the list of issues, because that can and has happened to others.  It’s all just sooooo exciting!!  Yikes!!

I came through surgery just fine and I won’t lie to you….. it hurt like H E double hockey sticks! I don’t remember much right after the surgery. I know my wife and kids were around me and they were all taking turns spending time with me (because you can only have so many in the recovery room at a time). So I know they were rotating in and out of the room to spend time with me and to share their love and concern for my well-being. However, later they told me of a couple of stories while chatting with me while I was coming out of that deep surgery sleep they need to put you under.  They laughed and laughed over one story in particular.  Apparently my daughter Sam decided to ask me a question regarding my pain level.  And said something to the effective “does it hurt?” Apparently (and in my defense I have no recollection of this event at all), I simply shockingly  said “no sh*t Sherlock.”  Apparently that got the whole recovery team and the rest of the room laughing. Later it’s reported that I also said something to the affect of “did you get the license plate number of that truck that hit me?” I guess that was funny too,  but I have no recollection of it either. I guess I’m just a funny guy consciously or not!! At least that’s what my wife tells me…. 🙂

All these things combined from the surgery meant that for about six weeks I wasn’t allowed to use my arms at all. You see, they have to cut open the sternum of your chest and spread it apart like a turkey at Thanksgiving and this is so they can get their hands, arms and legs inside there to do all the rewiring that is needed. Frankly, I think the whole concept of open heart surgery is very amazing and has a certain wow factor in it. Awesome that they can even do that kind of stuff. For those who are wondering, why wasn’t there some other kind of an alternative to surgery?  The short answer is yes, however,  apparently I wasn’t a candidate for a less invasive option.  If I could have I would have and been better off and the recovery would be much faster.

So-be-it, that didn’t happen.  They also told me that I’d probably be off work for about three months or so, maybe ’til around sometime the end of April or beginning of May.(again my good attitude) So, I was planning and looking forward to getting back to work. (Best played plans) Well, about half way through March I found I was having major chest pains again and so the first week of April they scheduled me for another angiogram.  What they discovered during that angio really deflated my balloon. They found that one of the grafts had failed. This was why I was having pains again. After much consultation with other doctors, surgeons and specialist with the cardiac team they decided that they could put a stent in one area of my heart to re-feed it with blood from the natural vessel and this they did. In essence, doing this they kind of “bypassed the Bypass” so to speak. Later when I was speaking to my surgeon about it all (after-the-fact) he “reminded “ me that he had some difficulty with that particular artery and therefore had to do the procedure slightly different from normal and with that it could be the reason why it failed.

Ok, ok,  I know that everyone reading this is thinking the same question so I’m just going to put it out there, so YES, the thought did cross my mind that maybe the surgeon made a mistake in surgery but apparently since nothing is 100% guaranteed I guess with that “clause” they can just brush it underneath the carpet, so to speak. And for me, myself and I we are left having to deal with that consequence. I mean no big deal to damn me with “if I live or die”, it’s just another day at the office for them.  I think they would want me to be alive, it’s good for their records but frankly I know alternately they feel like they “can’t save everybody, right?”  And as much as I hate to be a number, I could very well have been one of the “minor statistics”. Furthermore, no other Doctor would ever have the gonads and go out on a lim in my defense and say he made a mistake.  (Back to my story)

As the days went by I did begin to feel better and better and I was looking forward to going back to work. I do love my job and so I was looking forward to getting back out in the summertime heat and doing the work that I love to do.(again my good attitude) But again I could not.  About the middle of May, only about a month and a half after this last angioplasty,  again came the chest pains.  Trying not to be a wimp and being a “Man” I was going just work through it but as the pain levels increased more and more I decided (or should I say my wife decided for me) it was a better idea to maybe get it checked out. So back to the doctor’s office again for another follow-up visit and I explained to him that my chest still hurt and once again they would bring me in to do another angiogram. This would be angiogram number three. How exciting!!

June 1st, while they’re poking around inside taking pictures and injecting dye and all that they do do, they discover that graft number two is beginning to fail. According to the pictures they took it kind of looked like Zorro could’ve written his name. The vein zigzagged back and forth.  Again they started talking with different doctors and trying to figure out exactly how they can fix this without going back in to full open heart surgery. They decided that maybe what they could do is put a couple of stents in the bypass to help keep it straight, inline and open. So back on the table I went and they added two new stents. It was a bit tricky to put in, not normally done in the bypass vein and apparently the risk is quite high of failure during the procedure because they are stenting a non-native vein. Luckily,  apparently it worked and I was back on the mend one more time or at least for about two months of waiting.  Again I was starting to look forward to going back to work.

Things looked good for awhile however, as time went on again the pain started to develop in my shoulder and start to spread down my left arm.  Again, my first thoughts were to just push through it, suck it up and go back to work.(again my good attitude)  After all how could anything else be wrong? Trying to decide exactly what I needed to do versus what I wanted to do versus what I had to do versus what I can do was quite a conflict in my mind. (Good thing my wife was there again) The doctors decided again that maybe another angio would needed. So, October was scheduled for another angiogram and back into the hospital for this wonderful “noninvasive” procedure where you have to virtually let buckets of people check out your manhood area over and over to get into that groin artery….. again. Yes, an option is to go through the wrist and across the shoulder into the heart and actually during the last angio they attempted that. But believe me, I found it to be incredibly painful and the guy doing it was not delicate at all and he worked very hard trying to get that probe exactly where it needed to be. It hurt like h……..eck!  So, all things considered back into the groin area, which is no picnic either as they try to get the “unit” in place and to get it lined up for their pictures. I could feel it in my chest again and at first it really hurt but this time something was a little bit different.  As they poked around in there I actually felt something move and all of a sudden my shoulder changed temperature.  It felt like there was a big rush of blood or something that was moving through the vein. Kind of felt like “the Roti-Rooter effect!”  You know, like when you Roti-Rooter dude pushes through plugged sink drain and once the clog is moved out of the way a rush of liquid moves through it fast. I found myself actually almost sitting strait up talking to the doctor and telling him what a relief that was.  And then it was scary for a few mins as the thought of the blockage moving, that it might work it’s way up to my brain and kill me or something like that. The staff asked me exactly what I was feeling and I told them same thing I just wrote here. They acted like they didn’t believe me and told me how that’s not possible as they hadn’t really done anything yet (Bull). However, from my point of view, something moved, something was different. Something was better. (Maybe?)

After not finding what they were expecting to find they hunted around some more for something in hopes to eliminate anything else (While they were in the neighborhood). They said they found some “anomalies” that needed to investigate a little closer on another day and a thallium test was ordered with an added stress test in order to work me through everything to find out what was going on.  (Side note: Getting so tired of the constant testing.)  Another long wait to get “lined up” for such a test (Got to love the Canadian Healthcare system). November came and midway through finally the test was scheduled and I did the testing.  This time I felt more like cattle headed to slaughter.  Kept looking for a tag in my ear or branding on my behind. The test was interesting but from my perspective I still got a sharpe pain in my left arm underneath my blood pressure cuff several mins after being on the treadmill, the technician determined that nothing was wrong or at least they “think things went well”.  My family doctor read the report they sent him and thought it seemed ok, however, I needed to sit to hear from the specialist first.

Now with my heart in stents and myself basically losing almost an entire year of work we come to the end of November. My wonderful mom, a great woman who has traveled the globe and, as luck would have it, who also has a bad heart, she was having difficulty swallowing. After investigation they found a sack, growing inside her neck (Zenker Diverticulum), was filling up with small particles food and drink overtime and it was pushing on her windpipe making it impossible to swallow properly. She had an option of not getting any surgery done but eventually it would continue to grow until such times is it with block off completely.  Currently not being able to swallow or even drink much was starting to take its toll on her and she made the choice to have surgery done to remove that sack away from her throat. Again, with any surgery stress levels rise. She had the surgery Nov 22 and fortunately it was a success. In no time she was up talking and laughing with
the nurses trying to marry any of them off to one of her many grandsons. However, as we all know a possible risk with any surgery, a blood clot formed. It flowed to her brain causing a major stroke.  She died 8 days later.  We had her funeral a week before Christmas.

And thus ends 2016.

I miss her a lot.  Lost my dad years ago on my 39th birthday from cancer.  So now I ask you dear reader. How does one reflect on a year like this?  Reflecting on it all could be depressing.(again my good attitude) I’m not depressed and I’ll tell you how I did it.  First and foremost, my family, my wife and 10 children still have their dad.  My mom got her wings for Christmas and together with my dad are both free of pain and planning their eternity together.
I now have a
strong heart and looking forward to getting out of the house and earning my keep. I suppose I could look at
2016 with all kinds of regrets, negative ideas and thoughts, but what good would that do?  I choose to see it differently.  I choose to close the door on 2016 that door to the past and open the door to my future.  I’ll take a deep breath and boldly step on through to 2017 and start a new chapter in my life. What it brings I’m ready for. Success, happiness and joy!  It’s up to me!

I’m not a believer when it comes to New Year resolutions.  I feel that you should have resolutions all year long. Just doing it once year seems to be pointless.  If you had a lousy year in 2016 what are you going to do different to make it better this year?  If nothing then why would you expect it be any different.  One should constantly be resolving to improve one’s self. Therefore, I simply have a different attitude. I call it my “be attitudes”.  Below is a list of my 2017 “be attitudes”

The BE attitudes for 2017 are:

Be honest with yourself

Be bold in all you do.

Be fearless to achieve massive success

Be who you know you are.

Be committed to your goals.

Be smart how you spend each moment.

Be positive and positive people will seek you out.

Be grateful for those who benefit your life.

Be thankful to those who love you

Be kind and kindness will come to you

Believe you can do anything because you can

Success is your’s in 2017.  Reach out and grab it!!

PS: Update:

The Year New has come, the office of the specialist finally contacted me to tell me to contact my cardiologist which I had already booked for the second week in Jan.  With any luck he’ll give me a green light to meet with another Doctor to setup the schedule for a return to work plan and hopefully get back to work finally.  Fingers crossed!  Happy New Year.

Join my winning team. Email me at

I can help you change your life.

My motto: Do today what others won’t so tomorrow you can do what other’s can’t.

What have you got to lose……just do it!

(again my good attitude)

You want Buckets or you building a pipeline

Buckets Pipelines Carrying water

Carrying Buckets or Building Pipelines?

Let me tell you a story.  There once was a man who lived in a small village 2 miles from the nearest water source. For work every day he would walk the 2 miles to a stream with buckets, fill the buckets with water and haul them back to the village where he sold them to those that needed water. All day long, day in and day out, the man carried water with these buckets.  He did it to provide for and feed his family.  If he wanted to earn a little extra money each day, all he had to do was to make more trips back and forth.

One day while walking back to the village he tripped and fell, spilled all the water and got slightly injured.  Not so injured that he couldn’t work, but this little mishap got him thinking.  It was at this point that the man realized that if he got injured bad enough, even to the point where he couldn’t haul water or if he got sick or eventually just got to old to haul water back and forth that he and his family would have a difficult time surviving.

So, this man came up with an idea.  A relatively simple idea. The idea was to build a pipeline from the stream that would run water to the village all day and night.  Where others could come and fill up their own buckets with water and in the process the pipeline would pay for itself over and over again for all of time.  More importantly, it would provide a steady “stream” of income to the man and his family.

Buckets Pipelines trenching

The man went to work with his idea. He worked all day hauling buckets and in the evenings he’d work building his pipeline.  Many years and months later the pipeline was complete and he turned on the tap.  Now the man was able to retire knowing his family and his loyal customers would be taken care of from now on.

Take a moment now and think how this story might relate to you.  What is your story?  Are you simply working day in and day out for a bucket of money or are you truly building a pipeline?  Before you answer think about this.  Many of us think that we are building a pipeline by putting some money aside with RSP’s and GIC’s, stocks and bonds etc, and to some degree you are. However, my question is this. Is it enough to sustain you at your current lifestyle or are you planning to just get by?  What are you going to have to sacrifice? Most pension plans that one pays into for 25-35 years will likely only provide you with about half of your current pay.  So tell me, are you ready to work your whole life for half? Maybe as you get into your 40’s you are beginning to now realize that you might never be able to retire. Maybe you’re already looking in the bathroom mirror and practicing the phrase: “Hello and welcome to Walmart”. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)  Or maybe you push the thought away because maybe, just maybe, something will come along.  Maybe you’ll win the lotto. (I know you buy a ticket just in case.)

Buckets Pipelines Lotto

Let me give you a few facts. Fact one…the Lotto.  First, on the lotto, the odds are staggering. The odds of winning are often 1 in over 16,000,000 depending on the game in your area (yeah, don’t hold your breath). Second, almost all lotto winners are broke in as little as 2 years and many are often left in worse shape then if they had not won.  Thirdly, people go funny/weird when they or someone close to them wins. Mostly because the easy come easy go mentality takes ahold of them (brain sucking monsters). You can say all you want that, that would never happen to me, and you could be right (this will help justify you buying them each draw or even better “only when it’s gets really big…just in case“). Seriously, no real effort was made.  It won’t last.  It was just a bigger bucket. Not a pipeline.

Next fact. Ok, you’re now in your forties, you’re looking ahead.  You likely have a wife and kids. (Congrats) Likely a mortgage, maybe a car loan or even better, a business loan. (lucky you) Credit cards (the average in your age group is carrying a balance between $15,000 and $20,000) If you carry more you need a miracle and if you carry less you are likely a responsible person that needs to talk with me personally.   We know you’re working like a dog everyday trying to keep your head above water.  So, now I ask.  Are you making it or will a simple car wreck or brake down, basement flood or etc… set you back months or maybe years?  Think about your CC (Credit Cards). If you carry even a $2500.00 balance and pay just the min each month, it will take over 20 years to pay it off and you’ll pay about $8000.00 based on an average CC interest rate, that’s not even the high rate cards (Were those shoes really that great of a deal after all?)

Okay next point.  You see, here’s my point of view. There is no difference in what you or I want for our loved ones, our families, our children and our friends. The only difference is our ability to give it to themFear is the most prevalent reason why people don’t give them what they all need, yet faith is what makes people believe it may be possible and start or try for it. I can offer a path that can lead to what you really want and give you a glimmer of hope.  Let’s do a little math.  How much do you want every month as a continuing income from your investments?  Remember the number 160.  Take the amount you want each month and multiply it by 160.  This will be the amount you’ll need to have saved up in order to provide the amount you have in mind as a residual income.  Let’s do a few together to help get the idea straight.  If you want your investment to make you as little as $50/month…. 50×160= $8000.00 You must invest at least $8000.00 in an investment at 7% in order to create an steady $50/month income and that’s only if you can find anything safe to invest in at that rate.  Wow….how many have saved even this amount? (Show of hands please) Have you?  I’ll list a few more to save you some time calculating.

$250/m x 160= $40,000.00                   $1500/m x 160=$240,000.00

$4000/m x 160= $640,000.00  <— (No problem right?)

Nobody knows how long each of us will live, so the big guess in life is how much does one need to save to live out their life in a half decent fashion?  If you go to a financial person (who will want to sell you a package) they will tell that they have it all figured out.  They will tell you how long you’ll live…right?  Their books will tell them.  (Their books are right next to their crystal ball by the way.) I know I know, someone in the industry will write me and tell me that they truly have got it.  I won’t care so don’t bother because this only tells me that you missed the point of what I’m saying.  All your financial plan does is to create a large bucket, one with a slow leak in it that pays them.  Remember, I don’t want a bucket, I want a pipeline! One that will provide for me, my family, my grandkids, my friends and loved ones for now on. No more guess work.

Buckets Pipelines Albert Einstein

The genius, Albert Einstein wrote that the definition of insanity was to keep doing the same thing over and over again and each time expecting a different result. The guy carrying the water was doing the same thing over and over again and he got the same results…a pay cheque (“check” for you south of the border).  If this is you then keep doing what you are doing and you’ll likely be in the same position in five years as you are right now. If YOU DON’T want to be in the same place then you must do something else…..something different to get a different result.  Albert Einstein also said this,Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” 

Buckets Pipelines Albert Einstein

So, what’s your story going to be? “The purpose of life is to be useful, to be honorable. It is to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

I believe this is what so many people want.  The trouble is that they just don’t know where to find it or something to believe in. I know there are men and women, just like you, especially moms, praying for an answer, not to remove their problems, but a way to help themselves to solve their own struggles.  True financial freedom.  I am so passionate about so many wonderful things. Right upfront I’ll make this one point very clear. I promise you unmeasured blessings. So much so that if you will believe in what I have to say, “even if you can give me only a particle of faith, that what I have to say is possible, even if you can do no more then desire to believe, then let this desire work in you until you can believe in a way that you can open your heart in so much that you can give place for a portion of my words'”. (Alma)  Also, please remember, I only make the offer, the choice is always yours.

I don’t want your money so stop thinking about that. Truly I am not.  And you can believe that or not.  (I realize the odds are not in my favor.)  Many of us have been hurt or ripped off by a lot of nasty people out there trying to make a quick buck.  I’m not interested in that and that’s not me. I believe in the value of hard work and the benefits that far outreach any quick buck mentality.

Here’s a bit of my background, my passion.  For over 50 years I’ve been in the arts and entertainment industry. I’ve been on stage or behind the scenes in one way or another since I was 3 or 4 years old. I’ve seen it all. For most of that time I’ve really loved what I do.  But what I love the most about what I do is the people I’ve worked with, both on and off the stage. I am passionate about training and teaching young actors and actresses how to open up and show the world who they really are.  To be dynamic and believable in what they can do. To become the best people they can be, to invest in themselves and to help them realize their biggest and brightest dreams and goals.

Now you’re asking yourself, what has this got to do with me?  And how can this lead me to this emotional freedom and a better life for my family and those I love?  To a better emotional health, spiritual health, mental health, physical and financial health? I pose these questions because so many people haven’t realized their hopes and dreams like I did.  Most of us get caught up in the day to day grind of trying to scratch out a living, raising our families and trying to keep creditors at bay. And many times we found ourselves worrying where our next meal might come from. The list is long and varied for sure.

Here is a fact. “Successful people make decisions quickly and change their minds slowly, (but) unsuccessful people change their minds often and NEVER make a decision.” (Christopher Cumby)  You see, you only have to make the decision one time, then it’s done.  You’re ready to move forward. This is your moment. And here is another thought to go along with the previous one.  Sometimes you never know the true value of a moment until it’s become a memoryAlbert Einstein was right when he spoke about finding ourselves in the thick of difficulty when he said “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunityKnowing that you need a tool to lift ourselves up is the first step to letting go of some pride and decide to “get on the bus.” Maybe it’s time to let go.

Ok, now you likely agree with me and you wonder “where do I go from here?”  I’m won’t ask you to re-invent the wheel.  I’m not asking you to step into this on your own.  But you need to know your “why”.  I am curious.  What is your “why” and is it strong enough to motivate you to take another step forward towards true success?

Buckets Pipelines

Do you want to continue to carry buckets or are you ready for a pipeline?  If you’re still reading this then maybe you are ready to do something different.  Different and possible.

Look into your life, look into your mirror and see who I see. I see someone needing something, something I can offer and work with you.  You are not alone.  Many just like you have come and learned how to break the cycle of “barely getting by”.  YOU CAN DO IT and I will do everything in my power to help you build your own pipeline.  I do this because I know there is someone, just like  you, who needs my skills and talents. Someone I can train, someone to empower and pour my time and resources into and  lift you from where you are to where you can be, where you want to be and to where you know you need to be.  The only thing holding you back is yourself.  If you let this moment pass I guarantee you that in five years from now you’ll be exactly where you are today. The choice is yours. I understand you might be afraid or nervous.  Just have a little faith yourself.  Not everyone is out to hurt you. I love people and at times I know I am to trusting.  I believe in the goodness of my follow man and woman.   (FYI, I still pick up hitch hikers.)  There are so many good people in this world.  I count myself as one……  are you? If so, join me and together I can show you a whole new world! A world of true freedom.  Be willing to do today that others won’t so that tomorrow you can do what others can’t. This is true freedom.

If you’re open to building your own “pipeline” to provide for yourself and others then let’s talk.  Don’t delay.  Email me here. (Note: sometimes the link doesn’t work, if so try contacting me at

One final note. If you are not interested, I’m saddened however I understand. Not everyone can see the vision in what I have to offer.  I will miss working with you but I need to move on to work with others who are ready to make the changes needed for their life style freedoms.  There is a limited number of people I can work with as I am only one man.  If you have decided that now isn’t the right time for you then so-be-it. I understand that and realize you may be just comfortable carrying buckets everyday and that’s ok.  I want to work with those who have great hopes and dreams beyond just buckets.   If later you have a change of heart you are welcome to come back by and I’ll see what I can do.  However, it may be too late to work with me as I might have a full group.  That-being-said, I have a great many resources and may be able to find someone talented  to work with you from my group. It just may not be directly with me.

Lastly, if you know of someone else that might be hurting and ready to move forward I ask that you please pass this site on to them.  “Like” it on FB and pass my blog on to someone who needs me.  I know I’ll be a busy man, but I’d rather be busy than wondering where all the good people are that just don’t know where to find the help they desperately need.  Good Luck no matter which way you turn.  God Bless. And keep reading

Pipeline…………There is no limit.Buckets Pipelines Fresh Water

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” Albert Einstein


Carrying Buckets or Building Pipelines?

You have nothing to lose and nothing but freedom to gain.

Never look back again.